June 21, 2007


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While I'm Thinking About It

There I was, finally getting around to putting smilies back up on the forum. Not the same smilies, naturally (could find neither the files I downloaded the first time, nor the site I downloaded them from). I then went to add some text-formatting type BBCode, when I remembered "Hey, if I remember correctly, someone at the board's main site had hacked a way to plug that in automatically." So I went there, only to find the site has vanished into the ether. I like Navboard. It works well enough for what I ask of it. But in times past a vanished homepage has been one of those things that cause me to jump ship. But I'm already at about as close as I can get to negative activity, if I change to a different board I might as well not have one at all. Unless I go for one with more and better features, possibly database-driven at the same time. Which would require upgrading the hosting service. Which would also give me an excuse to change the archives to something that requires MySQL (of which there are several to choose from, but my wanderings haven't really turned up anything that will easily import six years of archives). So I'm torn. Status quo for now, we'll see what happens. But there are smilies on the message board again.

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