June 18, 2008


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While I'm Thinking About It

Well, That's Frustrating

The past couple of days, my dad's been mentioning that he can't see the strip from his office. All that shows up is a blank screen. Which is odd, but tells me that there's probably something wrong with his work computer. After all, I can pull the site up just fine at home, and I know other people are seeing it because they're (you're) commenting in the shoutbox.

Tonight, I downloaded the brand, spanking-new Firefox v. 3.

The first thing I do with any new browser is check this site out. It's built to standards, but I know not every browser out there handles the standards properly. Off by One, for example, knows not such things as JavaScript or Cascading Style Sheets. When I loaded up TLA in Firefox 3, I got . . .

. . . a blank screen

Well, that's a problem. View>Page Source showed the HTML code, plain as day, but refresh wouldn't bring it up. Doesn't show up at all in IE7, either, as it turns out, and adding insult to injury, the Microsoft browser pops up a "This Might Be a Phishing Site" warning. Maybe it's the dueling iframes that are messing things up. Downgrading back to restored almost everything, except FireFTP upgraded itself (with my permission, alas) to work with 3, and it won't let me go back. Whatever else all this may imply, it certainly means I've got some more work to do.

And for those of you who can actually see this, the Wednesday strip should be up early Wednesday afternoon.

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