September 09, 2008


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While I'm Thinking About It

A Test, Just Because I Can

Obviously, a big part of Google Chrome is having a handy-dandy spot to run all of Google's nifty applications and services, right? I've already discovered that both Gmail and Youtube are faster in Chrome than in Firefox. All your vital computer needs, right there and just a click away.

Yeah, I've been calling that my Desktop.

As a browser, yeah, I kind of like Chrome. It's new, it's shiny, it's not from Microsoft. But as an alternative to an operating system? Well, my word processor of choice, the free and open-source AbiWord, starts up and is ready for text entry in about two seconds. More importantly, it's ready to go in a single step. Chrome starts up in about a second, but since Documents isn't on my most visited page (yet? maybe, but Gmail's not there, either) I have to type the address, which adds another second and another step, then choose what type of document I want to work with, be it text or spreadsheet or presentation. So that's three steps instead on one. Easy choice for me.

But wait! You can add a shortcut to Documents, or Gmail, or anything else, right there in your Start Menu or Desktop or whatever else! Easy, instant access to the application of your choice.

Except, y'know what? I already have all that already, for the programs I actually have on my computer already. The ones that will still be there in case the internet connection goes out.

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