September 29, 2008


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While I'm Thinking About It

Just a bit of info that has no bearing on the larger story, whatsoever.

Of the three main cities I refer to in the strip (Shanafelt, Weston, and Bay Harbor), Weston's the major metropolis. Shanafelt's pretty much a larger suburb that used to be a distinct city. Nowadays, If you take the right route, you can go from downtown Weston to downtown Shanafelt without realizing you've changed cities. Most media in Shanafelt comes from Weston: all major broadcast tv stations, the region's daily newspaper, and most radio.

"Most" there is the operative word.

There are two Shanafelt-specific radio stations currently broadcasting, both AM. KTOK has been around a lot longer, and is better established in people's minds as local talk. Unfortunately, except for Mike Michaels in the afternoon/early evening, it's nothing but syndicated national shows. And it's not even the most well-known, popular shows, either, since those are all to be found on Weston stations. There's also KNHM, which struggles in the ratings despite having nothing but local talk, and hosts that are fairly well-regarded on their own.

I don't think this particular alternate Bob is being groomed for his own show, but you never know.

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