October 16, 2008


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While I'm Thinking About It

Obama/McCain III: The Search For Votes

Again, the rules for this. I'm typing this as the debate goes, unfiltered and unedited, nothing but my reactions. I am not unbiased, but you'll probably be able to figure that out as we go.

McCain spent the first question talking to Schieffer. Obama's talking directly to the camera. I don't know which is more effective.

The tax credit for creating jobs is a pointless move, that I will look at in more depth tomorrow.

When Obama says "invest", he means tax hike.

McCain just nailed Obama on the "don't want to punish you for your success, but help everybody" line from the other day. That was pure communism, and good on him for bringing it up.

How is it Obama can cut taxes for 95% of Americans, when 30% aren't paying taxes already.

Even before Roger announced he was closing the bookstore, it was on track to do more than $250,000 this year, and that was

If Joe the Plumber's small business getting a tax increase, how is Warren Buffett's tax bill relevant?

Once upon a time, the government was funded exclusively by tariffs.

Every time taxes have been cut, government revenues have increased. Too bad Congressional spending always goes far beyond revenue collected.

Is Obama talking actual spending cuts, or just decreases in the rate of increase?

Yes, because health care should be run by the same folks who designed the 1040 form.

We owe China millions of dollars. They give us tainted goods in return.

The line item veto was judged unconsitiutional when Clinton had it.

Hatchet to remove big chunks, then a scalpel to get at fine details. I used to customize action figures, that makes sense to me.

"If you wanted to run against Bush, you should have run four years ago. " Best line of the night! Much better than the stupid plametarium bit.

Obama's been more negative than McCain in the campaign.

But . . . Ayers was a terrorist! He admitted it! In the New York Times, even!

Tough is a good word. It's a good way to campaign.

Thank you, McCain for calling Obama on the public financing flip-flop.

That poll talked to a lot more registered Democrats than registered Republicans.

The fringe groups do not represent the candidates. Obama's smart enough to know that. Unless you think he should be linked to the folks wearing the insanely vulgar anti-Palin t-shirts.

Disagree without being disagreeable is tough when you start the campaign announcing that

ACORN!!! Far more important an issue an Ayers, and speaking the truth is not "negative campaigning"

And eight years ago, Ayers wrote a piece in the New York Times suggesting that he should have done more as a member of the Weather Underground.

Thank you McCain for mentioning that!

Obama looks smug whenever McCain talks.

So far, I'm running about 75% accurate in my predictions yesterday. Not good enough by Old Testament prophet standards, but I've never claimed to be such. Schieffer's kept a fairly tight rein on the proceedings.

Palin's at least 35 years old and a native-born citizen of the United States. OF COURSE SHE'S QUALIFIED! SO IS BIDEN! WHAT KIND OF STUPID &*^# QUESTION IS THAT?!?

ahem. Sorry about that.

We important 100% of our foreign oil. I know what he's getting at, but the question was poorly worded.

Nuclear subs have been around a long time. McCain's right there.

Both candidates pushed energy independence past the timeline of their second term.

Look, geothermal, wind, and solar power are great, but won't put a single bit of energy into my gas tank.

There are a lot more potential customers for South Korean cars in the US than there are for American cars in South Korea. Obama loses.

I just noticed something . . . the "red state guy" is wearing a blue tie, and the "blue state guy" is wearing a red tie. I don't know if it means anything, but it's interesting to note.

The split screen clearly shows McCain's notes. Given that all three could easily fit in the same shot, I'd rather not see the split screen tonight.

I hate these personal anecdotes with average folks met on the campaign trail. There's never a way to fact-check. Joe the Plumber gets an exception because it was caught on tape.

Once the government starts offering health coverage, I can't imagine the company that will continue to offer their own plans. Obama's proposed fines will still probably be less than even the most basic Kaiser plan.

You want to control health insurance costs? Make it so you don't have to use a health plan for routine maintanence. Just like you don't have to use auto insurance to change the oil or get new brakes (or fill the brakes).

I love that Joe the Plumber is such a centerpiece to this debate. Sure, he's not any sort of "average guy", but it was an unscripted moment that showed the real Obama.

McCain did it! He suggested there's something the government doesn't have to do!

Roe v. Wade was a bad decision based on the states rights amendment (number ten in the Bill of Rights, for those of you keeping track at home).

Strict constructionism is more important on the Supreme Court than fairness.

So, Obama just said that while he won't have a litmus test, he will have a litmus test (but using a lot more words in the hopes nobody'd notice.

Fifth amendment rights are the closest thing to "right to privacy".

Equal pay for equal work only counts if there's also equal qualifications.

Yes! The Illinois State Senate votes against babies! And it made Obama stop grinning.

The President of the United States doesn't have the ability to vote "present" on divisive issues.

Right-wing talk radio has demonstrated that the second bill Obama voted against was identical to the one on on the federal books (that he said he supported), and the bill passed as soon as he was elected to the US Senate.

Schieffer in his last question just suggested that throwing more money at the problem won't solve the problems.

But of course Obama does suggest more money down that particular hole is part of the solution.

Obama just claimed the GI Bill as his own idea!

You don't want to promote good teachers, if it means taking out of the classroom.

Where in the Constitution does it say that education is a federal issue?

Every group is an interest group, when it comes to asking for money from the government.

I thought the whole point of Head Start was so that children from underprivileged families could be on par with the more affluent, not above and beyond.

I love it when Obama has to say McCain's "absolutely right."

"The Other 50 States?" The District of Columbia is not, nor has ever been, a state.

McCain's closing statement is positive and optimistic, and forward-looking despite the current troubles. Obama's is backwards-looking, pessimistic, and negative campaigning.

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