December 15, 2010


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While I'm Thinking About It

Number Three: Last Christmas

Why I hate it: One year ago at Christmas, the narrator decided that yes, as a matter of fact he really was in love with you. On December 26th, you made it very clear that the feeling was not mutual. That was a year ago. Now that it's wintertime again, he has finally recovered enough from the devastation to risk pursuing a relationship with someone new.

And now this song is in your head for the rest of the evening. I make no apologies for this.

I have tried to make this song awesome in my own head (kind of like with The Christmas Shoes), but there's only one alternate interpretation that I can come up with from the endless redundancy: every time the chorus is sung, it's actually a year later and this guy has the worst luck choosing girlfriends ever. Which isn't so much awesome as it is kinda sad.

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