March 12, 2014


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While I'm Thinking About It

I feel like maybe I should say something here.

TRU-Life Adventures is thirteen years old today. That's longer than almost anything else I've done straight through.

It might also put me in the upper echelon of elite webcomicky types, but I haven't checked on the membership requirements on that sort of thing lately.

I used to say--even from the very beginning--that I have "probably" a couple of years worth of strips left in me. Nowadays I tend to describe the situation as more like it would take me a couple of years, starting now, to bring everything to a satisfying conclusion.

That does not mean I have plans to end the strip on the fifteenth anniversary.

I don't.

Writing and drawing this silly little strip is still a lot of fun, and as long as that's still the case I might as well keep going.

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